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Never Been Better by Aimee

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Saturday passed quicker than she wanted it to. After Pacey had walked her home, she’d received the ‘where the hell were you’ speech from Bessie, only to hear it again only minutes later over the phone from Dawson who of course had covered for her, saying she’d fallen asleep at his place. She had to tell him she’d explain later, and abrupt hung up feeling bad about it afterwards. Then finally she’d been able to jump into the shower, and clean up. By then it was four o’clock and plenty of time to do something with Pacey. Only to have the disappointment of being grounded to her room until Monday for being inconsiderate.

"Inconsiderate my ass, since when does she care where I am?" She mumbled into the phone, while painting her nails. It was amazing the things you would do after being crammed into a room barely big enough for your furniture. It was now Sunday afternoon, and after having spent the majority of this day on the phone, Joey was pretty bored.

"Jo, Hun...I get it. Hell people next door get it you’ve said that so many times. Let it go."

"Pacey you don’t understand..."

"I understand perfectly. Now what are you wearing?"

She almost dropped the nail brush. The phone cradled between her shoulder and ear had just asked her what she was wearing. Well, the person on the phone. Who just happened to be her best friend, not to mention boyfriend. Was he kidding? God, how did Andie handle him?

"Pacey! I can’t believe you." She mumbled, twisting the cap back on the nail polish before it spilled all over.

"Believe it baby. Is there anyone there?"

Joey laughed, "If there wasn’t do you think I’d be here?"

"True," he mumbled. "Seriously Potter ... whatch you got on? Anything kinky?"

"I should hang up on you, right now ..."

"Oh c’mon..."

She looked at her flannel pants and GAP sweatshirt.. "No. Now shut up." His sexy laugh, echoed in the receiver, bringing a smile to her face.

"Okay, fine. It’s your loss you know." She snorted.

"Yeah Yeah, and someday when I’m an old decrepit I’ll regret not fucking you over the phone."

"Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you."

"Alright, I won’t. What are you doing?"

"Thinking of you."

"Aw, I love you." It came out of nowhere, and she wasn’t really sure why. She had the need to let him know that he was loved more than she did with Dawson, or Jack. Especially considering how much he talked about her. "You know that right?"

"Yeah, I know, babe." Her heart skipped a beat. He had all these mushy pet names for her already. Baby, Hun, Sweetheart ... if she wasn’t head over heels in love with him she’d slap some sense back into the melon he called a head.

"Well..." she waited. "Say it back, you pig!"

"Hmm..how about this. Joey I love you. I’m craving you. The taste of your skin, the way you feel against me, your touch, your moan...oh god, I need you so bad. I miss you already, and yes...I’m in love with you. What’s the difference you say? You can only be in love with one person."

If he told her to go jump off a bridge after saying that, she would of. However Joey would jump off a bridge before admitting that she was beginning to enjoy the sweet comments Pacey made towards her.

"Getting a little mushy on me are we Witter?"

He just couldn’t win. "Sorry, I miss you. I’m making puppy dog eyes..."


"Cause you’re not here."

"Suck up"

"Sucking up ... mmm now that’s something I’d like to try."

She rolled her eyes, "You do know how pathetic you are, don’t you?"

"Ah, but being my girlfriend you have to put up with that."

"Not necessarily."

"Ugh...hell ya necessarily."

She laughed, wishing her grounding was over so she could sneak out and meet him somewhere. "Can you do something tomorrow...?"

"I can do something every day."

"Just making sure ... What time are you leaving for school?"

"I’m not."

Joey wasn’t sure what to say. He wouldn’t leave her in a school completely full of people who believed she had no right to be a Capeside High, hardly even a right to breathe their air. She raked a hand through her hair. "Oh yes you are."

"Neither are you."

She could feel her hand begin to tremble. "Why?"

"Because the minute we walk in, we’ll be killed. Can you imagine the rumors that have had time to start since Friday?"

"Pacey..." She tried reasoning with him. "I can’t just not go to school. I mean you remember last time we tried doing that? Maybe your parents won’t find out...or don’t care... but Pacey can you imagine what Bessie would do if she found ou--"

"You need to live life Joey. You only get one."

She growled under her breath, "Fine. But if I can’t ever see you again Witter ... it’s not my fault." She remembered the two of them trying to hitch hike, only to be picked up by Principal Green himself. It was funny now, but then...she was never planning on forgiving him.

"Don’t worry Potter, I love ya...and ain’t gonna let anything keep us apar--Oh shit."

Joey snapped out of her reverie, "Pacey?" She heard a door slam in the background, followed by loud shouts, both male voices...one being Pacey’s. Something about getting Matt Caufield expelled, sleeping with a hooker, and now talking sweet with a Potter. She by now had assumed the voice shouting all of the bullshit was none other than Capeside’s Chief of Police, Mr. Witter. She heard the phone hit what she guessed was the floor with a thud; and Pacey holler for her to hang up. Too shocked to reply in that manner, she refused and sat listening to the horror going on somewhere that she couldn’t go and try to protect him. The only thing she could think to do was keep talking to him, and hope they’d stop.

"Pacey? Pacey! Please ... Please come back. Be okay, please. Oh god don’t let anything happen to him." By now she was crying worse than the night before, and she cried even more after Mr. Witter picked up the phone, told her not to charge the bill to this house, and hung up.

There was nothing she could do. The police station wouldn’t listen to a Potter if their life depended on it, plus anything that the Chief of Police did in Capeside he got away with. Even if it was beating his child. All she could do was sit and hold onto the receiver, praying for some type of miracle.
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