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OTP Christmas Prompts by Nadia

Challenge: Snagged this from Tumblr. Thought it might be fun to share here. Maybe it's inspiring you guys. At least I hope so. ;)

  • # Person A trying to set up the tree for Christmas but Person B has to pick Person A up for them to put ornaments on the tree because they’re so short.
  • # Person A getting frustrated when wrapping presents while Person B being able to quickly wrap beautiful presents and A being absolutely amazed and jealous.
  • # Person A being sad when they weren’t able to buy a real tree to decorate for Christmas so Person B buys a little bonsai tree for them to decorate, even though it’s only a foot tall.
  • # Person A and B decorating their house/apartment together and when Person A goes to another room to grab some more ornaments they hear Person B yell. When they rush back into the room they see Person B has somehow tangled themself into the Christmas lights and fell over.
  • # Person A waking up on Christmas morning and being confused to find only one small box under the tree. Person B acts like everything is normal and convinces Person A to open it and when they open it they just see a note and an engagement ring.

Categories: Romance, Slash, General & Friendship
Characters: Abby Morgan, Amy Lindley, Andie McPhee, Audrey Liddell, Bessie Potter, Bodie Wells, C.J. Braxton, Charlie Todd, Chris Wolfe, Clique, Danny Brecher, Dawson Leery, Doug Witter, Drue Valentine, Eddie Doling, Emma Jones, Ethan Brody, Eve Whitman, Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan, Gale Leery, Gretchen Witter, Henry Parker, Jack McPhee, Jen Lindley, Joey Potter, John Witter, Karen Torres, Kerry Witter, Kristy Livingstone, Matt Caufield, Mitch Leery, Mrs. Witter, Nikki Green, Original Character(s), Pacey Witter, Tobey Barret, Todd Carr

Summer-Fun! by Nadia

Challenge: What happened in the summer between seasons 3 and 4? Write a story about Joeys and Paceys growing relationship, or write about how Dawson, Jen, Jack and Andie spent their summer. We have 3 months missing. Let me know what happened. :)
Categories: Romance, Slash, General & Friendship
Characters: Clique