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Name: Ana Cornell (Anonymous) · Datum: 28-05-18 - 09:41 pm · Für: Chapter 6
I love this story. This how season four should have ended. I've read this story quite a few times now. I've lost count.

Name: Ana Cornell (Anonymous) · Datum: 30-04-18 - 09:21 pm · Für: Chapter 6
This was amazing! I loved it! Could you write a sequel?

Name: Nadia (Signed) · Datum: 19-10-17 - 08:45 am · Für: Chapter 1
I've always loved the relationship between Gretch and Dawson. With her he wasn't such an annoying prat as when it comes to Joey. Gretch made him act like an adult and I liked that. Kilbys fic just captures all that I liked about them - together!

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