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Change @ Reviews

von Nadia am 09-02-21 - 03:47 pm  

Heya guys, I'm sorry to tell you that I've had to take off anonymous reviews sitewide since we got lots of spam-reviews.

I have deleted all of it, plus a few spam-accounts where the names have been very cryptic and/or there were links within the bio.


von Nadia am 24-03-19 - 10:26 am  

Since I have to pay money for the domain (.com) and there is very little - close to none - activity on the site, I've decided to move the archive to a subdomain of mine and delete the capesidediaries.com domain. Please update your bookmarks if you like the archive to https://capeside.fanfix.de asap. The domain will be gone during may 2019.

Christmas Prompts

von Nadia am 28-11-18 - 08:28 am  

Hey guys,

I've put up a new challenge for you. Well it's not quite a challenge, but more of an inspiration for you to write some Christmas related fanfics.

It's a bunch of OTP Christmas Prompts. Hope you like it, because we definitely need more X-Mas fanfics here. ;)

Wishing you the most wonderful time!

Fanfics by Kilby

von Nadia am 06-08-17 - 06:03 pm  

As you might have noticed I'm working hard to get most of Kilby's wonderful fanfics back online! This is kind of challenging because The Wayback Machine does not have that many snapshots of her website(s) archived. The unfinished stories don't have any priorities for me, but I'll do my best to bring back her finished fanfics.

If you happen to have some of her fanfics saved somewhere I'd be happy for you to send them to me. You can contact me over my profile site, simply leave a comment here or at the shoutbox.

I'm missing chapters of 'Half of you' - so PLEASE help if possible!

Looking for moderators

von Nadia am 21-05-16 - 12:36 pm  

I'm looking for moderators to help me spread the word and help me archive what was lost many years ago. I could just use another pair of hands or two, to bring back one of the biggest Dawson's Creek fanfic archives that ever existed.

I'm also open for suggestions if you think the archive is missing something.

CapesideDiaries.com is back!

von Nadia am 18-05-16 - 02:31 pm  

CapesideDiaries.com is back! Under new leadership, but I'm sure you guys don't mind. ;) Feel free to create an account and start posting your Dawson's Creek fanfics or just read away. ;) Make sure you leave some feedback via the review function to let the authors know what you think!