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You Can't Lose At Love by darkangel1978

Rating: M (R-16) • 0 Reviews Feature
Summary: This story will only cover the last episodes of the 6th Season, namely from 'Castaway' to 'Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption'. While major plot lines will remain as they were on the show, the story will venture into independent variations.
The first chapter sets in at the last scenes of 'Castaway'. The rest should be self-explanatory.
Category: Romance > Joey/Pacey
Characters: Audrey Liddell, Dawson Leery, Doug Witter, Jack McPhee, Jen Lindley, Joey Potter, Pacey Witter
Language: English
Tags: Friendship, Romance
Completed: Yes | Added: 21-05-17
Recommender: Nadia

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