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Never Been Better by Aimee

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Saturday morning, Joey awoke to the eldest Witter sister, screaming at her youngest brother for ‘being so stupid’. She let her eyes flutter open slowly, only to see Pacey jump out from under her, grab his shirt off the floor and run after his sister hollering back. She sighed, and rubbed her temples. Looking at the sunlight that cracked it’s way through the living room blinds, she guessed it to be about noon, and the first of many Witter family members just arrived at home sweet home. Carrie . Only to be met by her youngest brother in what looked like a very provocative situation with this girl she vaguely remembered classifying as a homely child many years ago. Joey pulled her tank top back on, same with her overalls, then padded into the next room where the argument was coming from, she knew she probably shouldn’t. She felt like a momma bear, protecting her cub. Pacey was her man now, and no one in this family was going to treat him like shit anymore if she could help it.

"Carrie, you can’t do this to me! Dad would flip if he found out anything about last night. It’s none of his business. Besides, we didn’t do anything and I’ve covered your ass so many times..."

Carrie gave Pacey a blank stare, then turned her eyes to Joey. "So, what’d he pay ya?"

Joey’s eyebrows narrowed, and as she was about to give this witch a piece of her mind ... Pacey did it for her.

"Have some respect Carrie. You’re twenty-three years old and you have two kids. How much did they pay you? Did you charge extra for hauling weight around for nine months, which by the way I see you haven’t lost yet, or are you pregnant again?" The look on his sisters face, proved that to be true.

"Great ... that’s real priceless, Car. Your third kid and you’re not even in your thirty’s. Get birth control why don’t you?.. Joey, let’s go." He threw his wrinkled shirt from the night before on, and took her hand, leading her out of the madhouse he was supposed to consider home.


The walk to Joey’s house was silent. Except for the light tapping of their feet hitting the pavement and the occasional clearing of the throat. Joey was annoyed. It wasn’t because of the walk, which was less than a mile...but because of the lack of conversation. They had plenty to talk about, concerning everything from eight o’clock last night, until what had just happened this morning.

"So, are you purposely ignoring me." She questioned. He kicked a rock into the street and shook his head.

"Just thinking."

"Oh," She bobbed her head, pretending she was okay with that answer. "Well, could you think later? We need to talk. A lot. Starting with this morning."

"Could we..not?"

Joey gave him an irritated look, and shrugged. "Sure, whatever."

Quiet again. For once in her life, Joey couldn’t wait to get home. She saw her house in the near distance and whispered a silent prayer of thanks. He gave her a bewildered look.

"You want to talk so bad that you began a conversation with yourself? Joey...hunny has it really come down to that?" She thwacked his arm, causing a short spur of giggles to erupt between the two, which quickly was brought down to silence. She swore it was a curse of some sort.

"Last night, did you think I’d show up?" He thought she was joking at first, but turned to be met by a serious expression pasted on her face. He sighed.

"Truthfully, I didn’t. I figured maybe the next day, or a phone call. Oh but Jo when I heard the knock I knew it was you. I had this gut instinct that this was it, this was when Josephine Potter was going to say she loved me too...of course after that I dreamed we had hot animal sex for hours..."

She hit him again. "Stop kidding, I’m serious. I thought you understood."

She stormed ahead of him, half expecting him to start yelling. She knew her actions were getting out of control this morning, but what did he expect? His sister mysteriously appears and starts bitching her head off, ruining how Joey had imagined the morning to be. She’d wanted it to be full of romantic kisses, cuddling, maybe watching a movie or going for a walk down by the Ruins.

He didn’t have anything to explain, but it seemed like he was hiding something. Something about what happened this morning...and what bugged her the most, was that he was hiding it from her. He wouldn’t have hidden it from Joey Potter the friend. Joey Potter the friend knew everything, however she had a feeling Joey Potter the girlfriend was going to be a completely different story.

Her thoughts were interrupted by his arm curling around her waist. She wanted to push him away, but it felt so right. He gave her those damned puppy dog eyes again, which she knew she was always going to fall for. She wrapped her arm around his waist also, and rested her head on his shoulder as they walked.

"You know I can’t stay mad at you, don’t you." He grinned.

"You can’t." She smiled back.

"One of these times Witter, you’re going to have to bring me daffodil’s and a box of Jelly Belly’s ... you know that right?"

"Daffodil’s and Jelly Belly’s ... got it." He winked, and pointed to the Potter Bed and Breakfast they were about to pass. "Hey, that’s your place ain’t it?"

Joey sighed, "Yeah. Do I have to go?" She lifted her head from his shoulder as he turned to face her. He pulled at her overall straps, straightening them on her shoulders.

"Yes, you have to. Bessie’s probably in there beating Bodie up for ...well she’ll somehow blame him for your disappearance." She gave a small pout and reached up for a kiss. He leaned down to meet her, only this kiss was different than any she’d had from him. It was hard, demanding, full of lust....

She liked it...a lot.

"Oh ew, tell me I did not just see that." A familiar blonde popped up from what seemed like nowhere, hands at her hips. She pretended to look disgusted, however was obviously intrigued. "Joey and Pacey... kissing. I used to be able to say that I’d bet my life it would never happen, sadly if I actually had said that...I wouldn’t be here, would I?"

Joey and Pacey pulled apart and watched with a smirk on their faces as Jen continued to ramble on about the couple’s new found passion for each other. Whenever one of them would try to get a word in, Jen would continue blabbing. Until finally she realized she was late for a date with Henry and rushed off, wishing good luck to them behind her back. After she was gone, Joey rolled her eyes and pointed to Pacey. "That’s another thing we need to talk about."


"Who are we going to tell?...Besides Jen."

Pacey raised his eyebrows. "I have a feeling Jen will do the telling for us."
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